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Are you a sex enthusiast?  Here is another reason why you should love good sex.  A recent study found that having sex once a week makes people happier than if they were to have sex once a month and it is the equivalent of making an additional $50,000 per year according Christian Jarrett of BPS Research Digest.  Many researchers have asked the question: Why does sex produce a greater sense of well being? 

A study in Personality and Social Psychology revealed that it is all about the cuddles.  University of Toronto experts point out that sex creates a stronger and positive connection with the partner.  A study  they conducted  quizzed 335 Americans in romantic relationships online.  The quiz consisted of sexual frequency, life satisfaction and their affectionate frequency or how often they cuddled, kissed etc.  the other group they tested consisted of 74 San Francisco couples.  The frequency in sex and touch were linked to feeling good about life.  Overall they determined that it was the affection that determined the well being. 

Another study of 106 Swiss couples found that the higher the frequency of sex the couples had, the higher was their relationship satisfaction six months later as long as the sex was associated with happy emotions.  Sex has a way of bonding people.  overall we can see that been affectionate can help deepen the benefits of sex and help our relationships.  Reference blog  (



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