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The best Mattress Protector for Sex

Intimate Hearts mattress protectors are the best for sex, beautifully designed to absorb and block fluids, oils and lubes..

When you think about sex, what words come to your mind? Passion, Ecstasy, orgasm etc.,  Sex is also a messy affair, don't you think? Many people resort to using all kinds of things to cover up the messiness of sex; from towels, shirts, shower curtains, you name it!  Some people do not mind waking up to a wet bed, but most of us prefer sleeping in a clean and dry bed!

After doing research, I realized the need to create a product that not only protects both sheets and mattress during sex; but one who is sexy, comfortable, discrete and 100% waterproof. There were many  products in the market, but none of those products are appealing or inviting to sex. That is why I designed the Intimate Hearts; luxurious waterproof mattress protectors. The heart shape says it all!, It is a product that is sexy, erotic, comfortable and inviting to intimacy.  Intimate Hearts are high-end products as acknowledged by professional seamstress, tailors and designers.  They provide comfort and maximum protection against moisture, fluids, oils and lubes.   Every Intimate Hearts is individually made to ensure maximum quality.

So go ahead and enjoy Sex with your Intimate Heart!  Do not worry about having to change linen; Intimate Hearts mattress protectors got you covered! Are you ready to ignite passion?

Martha Laboriel MACP

Clinician, designer of Intimate Hearts sex mattress protectors

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