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Match, chat, online dating app for serious relationship.  If you are looking for a dating app for serious relationship, find love, match, chat, date, make friends and social network; Intimate Hearts Dating is the app you are looking for.  Download now from Apple App Store and Google Play!
Intimate Hearts Dating is the app for serious relationships, chat, match, make friends, social network. 

Transforming online dating communication

Intimate Hearts Dating is a serious dating app designed to improve the communication between users and overall online dating experience by breaking the mold of traditional dating apps.  Every user profile is designed to dive deep and really get to know where the person stands in subjects that really matter in a relationship.  

Having gone through divorce many years ago,  I have been in the dating game myself for years... trying and testing different dating websites and apps; from the most expensive to the cheapest;  just to realize I wasn't compatible with the people I met in those apps.  Through years of personal growth, healing, doing research, listening to others dating experience, and a masters in mental health counseling I have developed an app which will forever transform online dating.

- I will take the guess work by asking the hard questions, so you don't have to (sort of like your own personal matchmaker without the high cost), saving you time, money and probably some pain and headaches. No more swimming in superficial waters.

- Get to know the real they think, how they feel about subjects that really matter, their real values; so, you can decide about pursuing a relationship with someone or not.

- The questions in this app are not meant to be the end of it all, but rather a starting point to open up a more honest and real conversation with a potential life partner. Although we might feel afraid to become vulnerable to others for fear of been hurt or rejected, it might be the very thing that can draw us closer to the right person.

- Having such a great pool of people can make you feel that you will one day find the "perfect person", but in reality, NO ONE IS PERFECT we are all human beings with our own flaws and imperfections. Be aware of yourself to make sure you are not engaging in mindless swiping and give the people you match with a chance to get to know them.

Why our features will delight you:

- users will no longer engage in swiping endless superficial profiles. 

- You will have the opportunity to dive deep and find the person you look for. 
- You will have an understating of the person’s values, what drives them, their passions and personality.
- Intimate Hearts has 4 modes designed for your needs; Date, Forum, Social Network, blog and Shop.

- One single subscription allows you to use all the dating features without additional cost.  You will create a profile which will allow others to know the real you;
-  Swiping is unlimited: meet new people by swiping left and right as much as you like.
- Match and see the person who likes you!  You can only chat with the people you match with; putting you in control of your online experience.
- Unlimited chat, video and photo sharing. 
- Use our forum to connect with our community of users and learn from each other or just plain socialize completely free!

- Get access to our social network where others can make friendships, learn about each other, post comments, videos and follow those you like completely free! 
- Access our online store to shop our unique gifts to pamper yourself or anyone special!

We care about your safety:

 - Always exercise caution, follow your gut when deciding to meet someone and never share your personal contact information until you feel ready to do so. Take a screenshot of their profile before going on a date as a measure of precaution and reporting if something goes wrong. Keep in mind these red flags: 

- If you can't meet that person face to face because they always have an excuse; that's a big red flag you should stay away from (they might claim to be military service members overseas or even oil engineers.... etc.). 

- If you meet that person face to face and eventually, they start asking for money (doesn't matter how long you have been dating or if they send you flowers) .... that’s a big red flag and you should reconsider the worth of been in such relationship. 

- Anyone who tries to lure you into joining a business; crypto currency for instance and is using a dating platform to do so.... that is a huge red flag.... please protect yourself and your money. 

- If someone wants the first few dates to occur at your home or theirs and they don't put any effort to meet in careful that is big red flag. Report any assault to your local authorities right away within 24 hrs.!!! and send us the screenshot after reporting so that we may ban that individual indefinitely. 

- We will share more tips and blogs about dating safely and how to identify and report catfish / scammer accounts.

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