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About us

Hi! Welcome to Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion!  I am a mom and a clinical counselor.   I designed Intimate Hearts mattress protectors with a desire to help couples and individuals remove barriers and  monotony in their intimate relationships.   After doing research, I realized that changing sheets after sex is a recurring topic for many couples and many resort to using different things to protect their sheets and mattress.  I saw the need to create a mattress protector that is sexy, comfortable and inviting to sex like nothing in the market. Intimate Hearts mattress protectors are first of their kind.  They are high end products as acknowledged by professional seamstress and tailors, so you can relax and know that you are buying a premium product.  

Every day individuals are looking for new ways of sexual expression. Nothing can be more boring than routines and monotony in a relationship. The Intimate Heart will spark desire and passion in a relationship. Sex is intimate. Do it with an intimate heart!  Also enjoy our curated line of intimate products proven by great customer reviews.  


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