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Welcome to Intimate Hearts Ignite! Whether you look for the perfect intimate mattress protector, or look for that special wedding or anniversary gift, we have it all! Shop our exclusive line of Intimate Hearts luxury mattress protectors handmade in the USA, our luxury massage candles, natural soy candles and unique gift selection. Find your match with Intimate Hearts Dating app now available in Google App Store and Apple app store. You must be 18 to shop on this website.

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Intimate Heart luxury mattress protector, waterproof absorbent.

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 luxury soy candle, natural, handmade 10 OZ

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  • waterproof mattress pad

    Real customer testimony

    we want to share what has made a huge difference for us. We purchased a bed protector called an Intimate Heart from Intimate Heart is fluid and waterproof & protects sheets and mattresses. No changing sheets after sex! The heart is hypoallergenic and completely washable. They are 57 in wide x 47 in long, which is really a lot bigger than we need. The hearts are beautiful, with a satin feel and can be placed anywhere you want to have sex. We used to use towels, but our sheets still got wet. This product has been a blessing to our intimacy. We no longer worry about the bed and sheets getting wet and having to change the bed linens after sex. More importantly, we can lie on the heart after sex to cuddle and enjoy the closeness before cleaning up. I had my doubts about how well the heart would prevent our bed and sheets from getting wet. I was amazed! No more messy, wet bed or sheets - ever! We are even thinking of purchasing a second heart, for the times when the first one is in the wash. Please share this website with your followers. It has given us much more confidence to be relaxed and enjoy our lovemaking, without worrying about messes.

    A. B.

  • Real customer testimony

    Hello! I must say I am so happy with my purchase! This is an amazing product! Look, we all have different "love lives" and different way we show love. I can personally say that my Heart Luxury Mattress Protector has saved my mattress in so many ways. MAJOR LIQUIDS not a problem! MAJOR Oils not a Problem! Paints! Foods! Wax! This product covers it! I must say I am so happy with this product has personally improved my love life because instead of focusing on a possible mess I can focus on the pleasure and love I share with my partner. I have purchased other mattress protectors, and nothing has compared to this. Seriously! Also, it's very stylish and cute! If you leave it on your bed you aren't embarrassed. I've used it over a few dozen times now and nothing has spilled onto my mattress and it cleans like a dream. Love this product and I highly recommend it. XOXOXO Happy Love Life! 

    Camille P. on 6 Dec 2017; 

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